airPHX | HEALTH uses patented clean air technology to continuously eliminate pathogens in healthcare facilities. airPHX works continuously, oxidizing pathogens on surfaces and in the air. Unlike UV-C treatments and foggers that require rooms to be unoccupied, airPHX is 100% organic and harmless to humans. airPHX | HEALTH can be run 24/7 for continuous infection control in spaces up to 150,000-200,000 cubic feet!

Clean Spaces

  • Technology includes portable and wall-mounted units.

  • airPHX units are configured to run continuously or on a timed basis. 

  • Testing confirms rapid elimination of over 30 common HAI pathogens on surfaces including stainless steel, plastic and linoleum floors. That testing included a coronavirus with the same genetics as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


airPHX patented technology uses atmospheric cold plasma to change a small percentage of the oxygen molecules in the air into a unique spectrum of oxidizing molecules that kill bacteria, viruses, and mold.


Airborne pathogens are destroyed as air circulates through the unit.


Air containing oxidizing molecules circulate in the treatment space. Organisms are eliminated in the air and surfaces throughout the room.

airPHX Technology

Key Attributes
  • Electromechanical – Completely organic and safe process with no chemicals or pesticides

  • Economically treat small and large spaces using ambient air within the treatment area

  • Can be deployed as wall-mounted or portable units

  • No effect on temperature or humidity

  • Continuous 24-hour treatment with low power usage, operating cost, and minimal maintenance 

  • Can be calibrated for different operating times and contamination levels


Value Proposition

Op Ex

airPHX units operate continuously, use little electricity, and require no manual labor, chemicals, or bulb replacement.  Economical extended maintenance plan includes filter and reactor maintenance.


airPHX offers validation services to confirm effectiveness. Validation process provides quantified results to support reporting, marketing, and risk management objectives.


Reduces HAI risk, readmission risk, litigation cost and exposure, and reputational risk. Differentiates hospitals and creates marketing opportunities.

Protect patients, physicians and staff​

Protect reputation
  • airPHX is proactive infection control

  • unique validation service 

Protect and grow bottom line​