Casinos, Infection Risks and Smoky Rooms

In a place open 24 hours a day, cleaning of facilities has to happen during business hours and often in front of patrons. Some casinos develop a distinct smoky odor despite custodial efforts and air filters, and most casinos have an unsettling number of germs on their chips, slot machines, and other games.

  • Frequently touched surfaces such as slot machine handles, can harbor harmful microbes

  • The average slot machine handle has 6 times more germs that a toilet seat

  • The smoky rooms in casinos can develop a noticeable scent over time, even with frequent cleanings or state-of-the-art air filtration

  • Anti-smoking groups complain that smoking in casinos is detrimental to the health of patrons and staff

Colony Forming Units in Casinos

A way to estimate the microbial content of air and surfaces, colony forming units (CFU) can show how contaminated a space can be. Clean and acceptable levels of surface contamination in schools, public buildings, and workplaces

is under 5 CFU/sq. cm

"When it comes to bacteria levels, which surface wins the jackpot? Cha-ching! The slot machine handles averaged the most viable bacteria cells: 987 colony-forming units per square inch (CFU/sq in)."

“We believe casinos should be included in smoke-free laws,” says Thomas Carr, director of National Policy at the American Lung Association and primary author and editor of the group's annual State of Tobacco Control report, released Feb. 3. “All workers and patrons deserve protection from second-hand smoke.”

airPHX Technology in Casinos

airPHX technology is a proactive strategy for improving health conditions in casinos.  airPHX devices do not merely remove smoke as it passes through air filters, they create clean air that destroys smoke and other volatile organic compounds that float in the ambient air in a casino. The same clean air also sanitizes surfaces, so no need to worry about the germs that live on machine handles and buttons!

  • Create a healthier atmosphere for patrons and staff by destroying smoke right on the game floor

  • Reduce the risks of germs on the surfaces of gaming equipment

  • Eliminate the smell of smoke from carpets, blackjack tables, walls and ceilings, and keep your casino smelling fresh!


Technology deployed in just one common area can provide benefits casino-wide as airPHX clean air circulates through HVAC ductwork.